• Getting Dressed

    Your gown may be simple, but chances are it closes with an invisible zipper or a myriad of buttons. When you bought this gorgeous dress, the salespeople or the designer was not likely to mention that invisible zippers are fragile and have to be zipped carefully and a certain way at the thicker parts in order not to break, nor would they have asked you how you were planning on buttoning up those dozens of buttons. One would think, "Well surely my Bridesmaids can do that" - and they just very well might. But it also might get hard and time-consuming for them to navigate through all those loops with those beautiful long nails they got done for your wedding, and you may want to avoid the stress of such a banality. There is also the question of the veil, and if your wedding is not in the summer, it is not a bad idea to have those coverups, shawls, or coats handy when needed ( as you will be taking them on and off.)
  • When Nature Calls

    Unless you are superhuman, you will have to use the bathroom at some point during your wedding. Maybe more than once. While that may be easier in smaller gowns, it is definitely a challenge in those with dozens of layers of tulle, long rows of buttons or a petticoat. You might think " I`ll just take it off and put it back on" or "Well that`s what I have my Bridesmaids for". Think about the amount of time you spend getting ready and looking fabulous on that day. Gowns are not easy just to take off and put back on, nor they are convenient. There is also the wrinkling issue again. And we are not sure if you have asked your Bridesmaids if they have helped someone to go in may layers of tulle, lace or satin, but we should definitely advise you to do that. And we have only covered the question of going for number 1...Well, it`s up to you to think about this very private moment and decide.
  • Wrinkle-free Wedding

    Although your gown and the groom`s suit has been ironed or steamed to perfection, chances are that was done before they were being delivered to the venue. Wrinkles are almost guaranteed to happen during transportation, same goes for the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits. Steaming on-site can be time-consuming, and not necessarily the activity that you, or your bridesmaids planned to do that day. Not to mention that steam tends that carefully applied make makeup - run... Let us take care of that for you and everyone in your bridal party, so all you have to worry about is putting those fabulous outfits on and shine!
  • No "Aches or Pains" Day...

    We have an array of ways and recommendations to avoid foot pain on the day of. (Psst... these are tips you can use after the Wedding too!) No we are not talking about medication. We are talking about cooling gel pads and creams, shoe insoles, or even alternative footwear. We will also advise you when to and when not to wear those beautiful heels during the day. After all, for many hours they will not be visible on that day. So why put yourself through the unnecessary pain? Foot-aches should never get in the way of your dancing or enjoying every moment to the fullest. Rest assured we got you covered.
  • A Flawless Groom

    The 2 most important people of the day of have to look absolutely flawless. That means of course getting rid of those wrinkles that we previously talked about, but also how many buttons to button up, a buttonier arranged properly, and the tie or bow-tie! tied to perfection. Even the most confident people have wedding jitters , because it is a big and important day. You certainly wouldn`t want your handsome husband-to-be to be frustrated over a spot on his shoe, a less than perfect shirt or how to take out the stitches from the vent of the suit jacket. (No the retailers don`t always remove them.)
  • Stitches and Fixes

    Of course we always hope that "this will never happen to us" because we paid REALLY, REALLY good money for those outfits, but we can honestly say that there wasn`t one wedding or event that we have been hired to where we didn`t have to take out that famous sewing kit. Now it might not be the Bride`s dress or the Groom`s suit, but it could be very well be one of the Bridesmaids, the Bridal party or the Groom`s Mom having a wardrobe malfunction. You would still want everyone to enjoy the day and to look pretty on the pictures, right?Don`t worry. We are here to help, and due to our decades of expertise, we will do those fixes fast on the spot.
  • "No Stains" Day

    This is once again those scenarios that we hope will never ever happen to anyone. Unfortunately they often do. Especially if you have the photoshoot on the day of. Perhaps outside in that beautiful garden. Or it decides to rain. The chances of course are much less in beautiful, dry weather or inside, but maybe you planned your wedding for the Spring or Fall. Or you haven`t learned how to "teleport" from the garden to the inside of the hall yet. Ever heard of those gorgeous bouquets leaking and putting a stain on that pretty white dress? Or uncle John getting a bit too happy and spilling some wine on the Mother of the Groom? We have...It is certainly an unnecessary risk to take when you can have someone who can help with accidents like these not to ruin the rest of your carefully planned event.
  • Sharp Groomsmen

    Yes of course, your groomsmen are adults and know how to dress up. But do they all know how to tie a bow-tie? Or how to arrange the buttonier? Or how not to look like they have been travelling for an entire day? Aside from looking like a hot bunch, Groomsmen have a much more important job than that; and that is to help the Groom , to be there as his buddies, to show their support and ease any kind of nervousness. And when the hot weather kicks in - do they all bring deodorant with them? Or a razor? (Just in case...) Well, in case they don`t, we do.
  • Lovely Bridesmaids

    Traditionally, Bridesmaid`s jobs are to help the Bride on her big day. these lovely ladies- being your best friends- are naturally of course trying their best. However, we found that many modern brides feel differently - they want their Bridesmaids to also enjoy this beautiful day and of course they want all their "girls" to look gorgeous as well- throughout the entire day. Well that can be challenging, especially as your Bridesmaids may also wear gowns that need some touch-ups, sometimes the flowers they are trying to juggle can put a stain on the dresses (especially on those made of finer fabrics) ,or they might get tired a bit too after trying to run up and down, doing their absolute very best to help you. Many Brides nowadays opt for the alternative. To hire us to take care of the hustle and bustle, and basically act as a personal assistant to Bride and Groom, the Wedding Party, The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.
  • Photoshoot Assistants

    Your wedding photoshoot is intended to be one of the most important ones of your life so the photos and memories can last a lifetime. A photoshoot assistant can help with arranging your gown, your train, your veil and have the groom looking sharp. We get rid of weird looking creases that occur upon movement (they may not bother you in real life, but guaranteed they will on the pictures) in order to result in the most beautiful outcome. On professional fashion photo shoots- these assistants are called stylists - and this is who we also are. We have assisted on hundreds of projects, and not only can help with the result, but also the timing. After all, the photoshoot can`t take the entire day...on the day of that is... And you certainly don`t want to be frustrated a few days later about how the photos look because you had to rush to enjoy the day! Wardrobe Stylists are usually not included in the photographer`s rate, but feel free to ask them- photoshoot styling is included in ours.
    Photocredit : Amalya Haute Couture SS2020 Collection
  • Multi-Style Dresses

    If your Bridesmaids are wearing those dresses that are 5-6-7 different styles in one, it can be tricky to remember how all those different ties went, how to twist and turn, how to make everyone look different but fabulous and flattering looking at the same time. While we may not have been at your dress fittings, our team knows these types of dresses very well. We can just take a look at the fitting picture, or even if you don`t have one, we can very quickly do those twists and turns and make every single one of these beautiful ladies look their most amazing self.Same for any member of the wedding party -who not surprisingly also invest quite a bit into wearing beautiful - but sometimes not-so-straightforward outfits. Did we mention that we also steam these dresses before putting them on? Yes we do.
  • Drapes get wrinkly too...

    Sometimes the drapes, table-cloths or chair-covers get wrinkly after being transported or set up, and your wedding planner just needs to borrow a REALLY GOOD steamer. Or someone stepped on that gorgeous installation with all those expensive drapes and there is a really visible tear in it. Well, believe it or not, you are hiring us to help with that too! Having managed hundreds of fashion shows and events, there isn`t much that surprises our team or that we are not prepared for. We are here to help you and your wedding planner to make your event flawless and stress-free.