On your big day,

It could be this simple...

Or a little more complex...

Of course we are there for you and your better half first and foremost, but there might be a few things you may not have thought about....

We are there to

Dress your Bridesmaids

Sometimes bridesmaids dresses need steaming too or they are just a bit too complicated to put on.

Sometimes the ladies just need a helping hand.

Your girls looking fabulous on your event is also part of good planning. If they look gorgeous, you will only shine brighter!

we are there to

Help the Groomsmen

Groomsmen have an important role.

Getting the groom ready to sweep you off your feet on your Big Day.

Let them take care of that.

We will take care of them looking the sharpest they ever looked.

we are there to

Make your Photoshoot flawless

Your wedding photo-shoot (on the day of) or prior is one of the most important shoots of your life, and the pictures are meant to last a lifetime.

So why risk having distracting wrinkles, hair in the face, less than perfect shapes or accessories, train not being arranged beautifully on those steps or a smudge of liptstick on the groom`s shirt?

  • Steaming your garments

  • On-site alterations

  • Removing stains on the spot